1. Cervator
    Created by Cervator
    Aug 18, 2014
    Been a quiet summer, with most the active work being architectural in nature and not very visible. Stable build 39 is mainly a checkpoint with relatively few changes, most of them to split out out module framework to a separate project: Gestalt Module - see its forum thread for more details. More good work by @Immortius :)

    It has taken a little while to get all the modules updated to the new framework, especially since activity is so sporadic based on people's RL schedules. But they all pretty much work now, although still with a few known issues here and there like buckets causing crashes in WoodAndStone / Throughout the Ages

    The other big on-going architectural project is the refactoring needed for the "facet" based world generation built on top of the new stackable chunks. @Josharias has been working on this for a while based on the world gen framework put together by Immortius. I think he's pretty much done, he doth protest too much about still having stuff left to do :D

    This is important and the biggest remaining item before alpha (other than, you know, content) and should also resolve (or at least improve / reveal the next problem) the substantial performance issues we've picked up. The facet-based system is very flexible and should support future world generation needs for a long time :geek:

    Other stuff that has been going on:
    • Graphics settings have been improved a bit more thanks to @Member1221 - may help with the performance issue if you turn off some of the now available options like the two blurs and eye adaption
    • Our Xenforo (what powers this portal/forum) has finally been upgraded - thanks @Adeon !
    • While not rewriting worlds...
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    Jun 4, 2014
    Been slowly building up engine changes for a bit but there might be more module work in this release than engine. Available as always via Launcher, on GitHub, or from Jenkins

    Engine work:
    • msteiger added CrashReporter - if the game crashes now this should pop up with easy access to the game log, uploading it, filing an issue, on joining our channel on IRC for support
    • Split hot key for view distance into two: Home key to increase, End key to decrease. This way you don't need to actually expand the view distance before you can shrink it!
    • Graphic options have been expanded by Member1221 and are awaiting a more advanced screen as well - you can finally selectively disable motion blur and such from in-game :)
    • The version of vecmath we use has been downgraded as Java on Macs had trouble using a version other than the one bundled by default - this could cause an issue on Macs
    • Various fixes to multiplayer, inventory, dropped items being invisible, etc
    Module work:
    • Breathing was extracted by Jtsessions into a module, so with it off by default you can't drown when spawning underwater, woo
    • Signalling is included again after finally getting updated for NUI - thanks Adeon !
    • New modules TerraTech and Machines by Josharias explore the mechanized life such as working windmills with rotating wings that drive axles able to move rotational power around
    • New module Rails by Adeon allow you to run trains in-game with carts, derailing, and fun with physics
    Other news:
  3. Cervator
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    May 5, 2014
    Been a little while since last, did end up doing more frequent stable builds, but then ended up not writing about each of them ;)

    Since last we've actually gone through two major stable builds, two small ones, and a broken one. First one was sort of a checkpoint with a bunch of assorted stuff, then the second one finally let us deal with complex module relationships better in Gradle, along with a bunch of bug fixing and polish to modules and logging

    As always get the latest release via the Launcher, from GitHub, or from Jenkins

    • Headless server is stabilizing! We can run an instance right out of Jenkins now, with parameters for modules, world type, etc. Still needs better parameter support when run from a binary. Jenkins cheats by building from source then launching
    • A new crash reporter is now available, allows you to directly upload the log file to pastebin, and has shortcuts to file an issue on GitHub or join our channel on IRC
    • Modules support transitive dependencies now (A -> B -> C) and generally behave better in Gradle - part of the bigger Logistics Arc (could use some more volunteers there!)
    • Console commands, auto-completion, help, coloring text, mini chat console - all sorts of new goodies for text! (Doc links could use some updates or merging)
    • Applet is very close to working again too with a "real" certificate rather than self-signed
    • Wood & Stone finally works properly in the binary format of the game, woo!...
  4. Cervator
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    Mar 23, 2014
    Or at least it feels like steady progression in Throughout the Ages with us having progressed through Wood & Stone and currently Copper & Bronze! Marcin Sciesinski is continuing to churn out content (more ideas welcome!), aided some by great new icons & other assets by Skaldarnar - for instance, speaking of churning, have a quern:


    It is available in the latest stable build, now available via Launcher, GitHub, or Jenkins. Some notes! (more in Jenkins)
    • The Wood & Stone series has been enhanced quite a bit more by Marcin and some outstanding issues from the last stable build fixed. Smelt copper and stuff!
      • Fluid module added - provides support for using fluids in systems, as opposed to liquid blocks in the world. Example: Using water as a resource in a cooking station
      • Genome moduleadded also - allows breeding plants right down to genetic letters! Try to find some corn in a Throughout the Ages world to get some related journal entries
        • This also ended up touching on the procedural flowers proof of concept glasz did, getting us some fancy icons (in-game blocks pending)
      • AlterationEffects also added to contain effects you can gain from stuff like food or potions (think "Alteration" the magic school - although that might be a ways off ...)
    • A UI issue was fixed for Macs that could break the menu, along with various other related tweaks & fixes - NUI pretty stable now! Old GUI is all gone
    • Miniions has been removed from the default line-up for now - it hasn't been (fully?) updated for NUI yet, which would probably be a lot of work, but a lot of the content is available via newer modules now anyway. It really needs an interested curator to go any further, or for...
  5. Cervator
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    Feb 14, 2014
    We have another stable build, this time less than two weeks since the last, yet still with more than two hundred commits, not counting modules! Everything is much more stable too, with just one itty bitty tiny bug:


    So .. happy Valentine's Day! These are supposed to be fence blocks in the Cities module but thanks to a fun bug turned into pink blocks. Which could almost be like pink-leafed hedges, totally works ;)

    As always the best way to get updates is using our Launcher!

    Other notes for this release (full details in Jenkins):
    • New modules: CakeLie, CopperAndBronze, Journal, Minimap, MultiBlock, Workstation, Zones (blue highlight are additions to the WoodAndStone set)
    • NUI implementation is more mature now
    • More nodes and work for behavior trees (coming soon: music played via BTs!)
    • Various inventory improvements
    • Headless architectural work including a spiffy new "2D" mode that makes the world look more like Dwarf Fortress (the Minimap module relates closely to that) - not bundled within the main download though
    • Graphics got tweaked a bit, some stuff fixed and defaults changed. If the game crashes please try dropping everything in graphic settings to minimums and retry :)
    • New camera mode: Cinematic - extra smooth!
    Other updates in general:
  6. Cervator
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    Feb 3, 2014
    Actually aimed to get this out two weeks ago getting back on 2 builds per month but we hit a crazy activity peak with several major systems getting merged in and tweaked on a bunch. Still not exactly the most stable build ever but amazing amount of new (or old) working content modules :)

    Full changelist in Jenkins, you can get it at GitHub or download it directly here, or better yet use the launcher.

    List of stuffs related to the build:
    • NUI by Immortius got merged to engine and replaced the main menu with a fresh new look. Still more to go, especially in-game, but some of that has started sneaking into the develop branch (and even a module or two)
    • synopia got behavior trees for AI stable enough to where support for them now exists in the engine and they're used in the Pathfinding module as well as in LightAndShadow
    • WoodAndStone and its dependencies by Marcin Sciesinski have entered the default module line-up with its own custom world, trees, crafting system, caves, and ore placement (the final two based on code contributed by JRoush from his MC ore mod) - there is even a 3x3x3 charcoal furnace that puts out a nice heavy black smoke :D
      • Note: There is a known issue where world creation for the "Over the Ages" option used with this module crashes the game, due to some loading sequence problem. It is possible to get a viable world but it may take a few restarts & retries.
    • msteiger has made the Cities module nicer than ever
    • Mike Kienenberger has been overhauling several older modules including Miniions which is included again and (mostly?) functional, including Oreons growing crops on request (what crops? Oreon plants, of course!)
    • The in-game console has been updated and now opens with the "grave" key (the ` key above tab for most keyboards). That leaves tab for auto-completion. You can remap the console key but in this build may have to restart the game to have it take effect (fixed in the unstable build)
    • Screenshots come out in a more manageable size again...
  7. Cervator
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    Nov 2, 2013
    Today I can happily report that the multiplayer and restructure code is now back home happily in our develop branch and primary build. A legacy branch / build is available for those with pre-multiplayer worlds who want to keep going, like PaprikaPeng with his Lets Play world that recently reached 100 episodes on Youtube!

    The Launcher v 1.1 has been released with an updated lineup (thanks mkalb !) and now contains:
    • Stable build (normal) = Pre-restructure multiplayer version, as some parts of the restructure (like the applet) are still pending
    • Stable build (legacy, pre-multiplayer) = the final version of the game before multiplayer, should be usable with old-format worlds
    • Development build (normal) = the very latest version with both multiplayer and the new structure
    • Development build (outdated multiplayer, deprecated) = this was the special multiplayer pre-release version and its entry will be removed sometime later

    Note that all builds other than legacy will not work with old game data dirs - you'll likely need to delete your local game data directory before the newer builds will work. Said data directory will usually be in your user home directory - not where you saved the game to. Paths like:

    C:\Users\[user]\Saved Games\Terasology (Windows 7 and probably Vista)
    My Documents\Terasology (on Windows XP)
    ~/.terasology (Linux flavors)
    Library/something something (Macs - don't have an example handy, please post if you do!)

    Changes over this long a period with this substantial rework are hard to summarize. The final legacy-based stable build changes are here, then replaced with the first stable multiplayer build here. Which is then further added to in the massive change list from overwriting the develop branch with the...
  8. Cervator
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    Jan 2, 2014
    New stable build and much merriment to be had!


    Sure has been a while since the last stable build and official announcement, but I think we've collectively enjoyed the holidays and gotten a good start on the new year. Last time was multiplayer this time the rest of The Great Convergence tagged along with the codebase structure changes.

    This means modules now live in their own GitHub repos, all under the Terasology organization (not to be confused with the Terasology repo under the MovingBlocks org .. yeah maybe we'll rename something sometime). They can even have their own issue trackers, wikis, READMEs, etc, along with their own line of jobs in Jenkins.

    There is a pile of utility included with this change and developing is actually easier than ever despite the repo split. You can read more about that on the wiki page or in the forum thread, but in short you simply do:

    gradlew fetchModuleSample
    gradlew idea
    To grab the code for the "Sample" module and then regenerate IntelliJ to show it as a proper IntelliJ module (more double-meaning of words yay!). You can push code back to GitHub to multiple repos at the same time too, at least using IntelliJ's Git management.

    Downloading already-built modules is much the same, simply grab them out of Jenkins and put them into the "modules" directory. The default module lineup has changed and is summarized in the updated README - you can later update even those modules out of Jenkins or use the unstable build which will grab the latest version of each module on the list every time.

    As usual for these days this release breaks backwards compatibility with old worlds and any old developer workspaces need a pretty big overhaul, easier to clone...
  9. Cervator
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    Sep 22, 2013
    About a year ago we celebrated the first birthday of our project with a Minecraft server challenge. This year we do it with Terasology multiplayer!

    With The Great Convergence coming to a close the next big milestone is ALPHA, and in addition to playing some for fun we also need to sort out what's left before we can consider Terasology an alpha-level project. Keep in mind that Alpha is nowhere near feature-complete and will still be lacking loads of content - but most the architecture should be stabilizing.

    For multiplayer particularly we need to find out how well several players and long-distance players can play together, although without a headless server yet the hoster may need a beefy machine. For the codebase restructure effort we need to make sure the new line-up is stable enough for any developer to pick up and run with.

    I will try to be around for the majority of the listed event time and might even try out streaming on Twitch.tv to see how that goes (might not go live right away though). But pretty much that whole weekend would be good for any sort of multiplayer hangout and testing.

    • Help test multiplayer with other players and research network performance over long distances
    • Build up a solid world with several others to see how it goes
    • Find and log any issues remaining before multiplayer could be considered alpha-stable
    • Suggest other areas that need focus before alpha-ready
    Developers / modders:
    • Learn about coding for multiplayer - what changes?
    • Check out the new structure and see what's different
    • Find and log the remaining issues before content development would be easy
    • Point out exactly what items would need resolution before final merge of The Great Convergence
  10. Cervator
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    Aug 24, 2013
    The merge of our develop branch (with content + graphic tweaks) into multiplayer is complete! And nh_99 has been able to resurrect the combat branch which now also works again. Both need testing! :)


    While the content modules from develop have not yet been adjusted (or extracted to the new structure) to work with multiplayer the actual multiplayer functionality works and is decently stable - all hail Immortius ! Please help us with some initial testing and observation of what might not be quite right yet :)
    • Build is available in Jenkins
    • Be sure to clean out old game data dirs- this build has changed a lot
      • On Windows the usual dir is something like C:\Users\[user]\Saved Games\Terasology
      • May also have stuff under C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Temp/lwjglcache or C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.terasology
      • On Linux / Mac similarly look under your user home dir / saved data dir
    • An alternative is forcing the game to use its home dir to also store data - that way old dirs won't get in the way. You need to launch with the "-homedir" argument:
      • Via Windows command prompt or run menu launch with "terasology.exe -homedir"
    • There is no headless server yet, launch the client normally then "Host Game" to create a new world
    • Have others join by launching normally and "Join Game" (setup is pretty standard)
      • The latency meter might not be working yet, try it anyway if it has a red X
      • Game uses port 25777 if you need to set up port forwarding
    • You can also run a second client on your own machine just to help test. In that case be sure to use the homedir option described above or multiple game instances will be using the same game data dir - that will end poorly :)
    • There may be a physics timing bug making you fall through the world for a brief moment when starting. You should be able to dig your way out
    • God mode (double space) is not available in multiplayer, at least not yet
    • There is at least one known graphics issue currently active for some users in both develop and multiplayer. For other issues see...