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    Been a long two months since the last one so it was time :)

    Main reason for the long wait has been the focus on infrastructure and future prep. The Jenkins change list doesn't do the period justice, I covered some of the other news in another post for non-core content changes. Below are the actual code changes:
    • Lots more graphic wizardry by @begla - Terasology has never looked better (1, 2, 3)! Also may be performing better / working better on some systems, and audio got better too :)
    • There is also a standalone "TeraEd.exe" now for easier 3d wizardry refinement where shader settings and such can be modified in extreme detail
    • Some more Gradle tweaks, checkstyle stuff, and Launcher prep by @mkalb
    • Fences and rails by @Adeon and @A'nW along with other block shape work and the tutorials (1, 2)
    • Chunk refactoring by @Panserbjoern
    • Couple nice changes by @Skaldarnar so you can now immediately replace plant type blocks and throw containers with their contains maintained within them! Which seems strangely neat :D
    • Assorted improvements by @Immortius like how modules now can have dependencies on each others or how our volume controls actually work! Most his work is still on the multiplayer branch
    • Some jar switchery by @ahoehma
    • Initial clues by myself and @Stuthulhu for a content piece that'll hopefully become a substantial part of the next big build - involving creatures and primitive societal development (sort of like miniions but without the player)
    • A fix for an OpenGL issue encountered on multiple Mac systems by philip-wernersbach
    • Assorted minor fixes by @sdab + @Xeano + @jamoozy
    • And last but not least I finally went and grabbed the many new plants from @metouto that had made it into the forum a little while back :)
    Other stuff going on include multiplayer as mentioned, @aherber is still making updates to his combat branch and it is getting surprisingly sophisticated, @Adeon is playing with minecarts, and we did the Leap prototype

    Next stable build should have some more stuff interesting to the players rather than just mostly the geeks :geek:
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cervator, Apr 10, 2013.

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